The Eagle’s Valentine’s Day gift guide

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with delicious treats, a beautiful bouquet and more from around D.C.

The Eagle’s Valentine’s Day gift guide

Struggling to find a gift for that special someone? Valentine’s Day presents can be hard to find, especially when left until the last minute. Consider these fun ideas to express your love to those you care about.

Buttercream Bake Shop

This bakery in D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood is offering Valentine’s Day treats in addition to its regular baked goods. For loved ones, consider the “Be Mine Cupcakes,” pink cupcakes topped with a raspberry macaroon, or the “Chocolate Covered Golden Birthday Cake Oreos.” For a friend, consider the “Boyfriend Brownies,” which display the faces of attractive men on popular T.V. shows. Buttercream Bake Shop is offering delivery on Valentine’s Day for those who live in D.C., and the option to buy a personalized love letter to accompany the delicious treats. 

Darling and Daughters Floral

This local florist is offering Valentine’s Day deals in partnership with Buttercream Bake Shop and Varnish Lane, a local manicurist. The parchment wrapped bouquet is both beautiful and affordable.  

Undone Chocolate

This craft chocolatier is based in D.C. and is a startup working out of Union Kitchen. For both lovers and friends, consider their craft single origin dark chocolate bars. If you’re looking to give a little more flavor, consider the Speciality Inclusion bars, which boast flavors such as cardamom, cinnamon and chili.

Grocery Store Bouquet

Picking up a bouquet from a grocery store such as the Whole Foods in Tenleytown could be cheaper than ordering one from a florist. Additionally, Whole Foods is using a portion of the sales from these roses to donate to the Whole Planet Foundation. As for a vase, consider getting one from a thrift shop such as St. Albans Opportunity Shop, which is near the National Cathedral. All proceeds from this thrift store benefit those in need in the D.C. community.

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