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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
The Eagle

Letter to the Editor: Our universities are a national tragedy

I comment with deep respect for our young people. I was saddened, but not surprised by what I heard. This week I heard on the excellent “Dennis Prager National Radio Show’s” Dec. 1 edition, several randomly selected American University students’ opinions on a question, “Who is a worse man, Donald Trump or the late Fidel Castro?” Most had a difficult time choosing between the two. Many, in fact, argued that Castro, unlike Mr. Trump, has brought a lot of good to the world.

It points to what Mr. Prager argues a lot on his fine show, (paraphrased),

Our universities have become essentially worthless institutions unless you are majoring in the natural sciences. They are, in general, a waste of time and money otherwise. American values are not taught; our kids are indoctrinated into the horrible value system of Leftism. It’s all about hate of America and love for the regressive idea of race/class and gender.

It is generally on our campuses now where such foolish and immoral values of Leftism flourish. A thug, a Communist tyrant who has enslaved 12 million people on an island in the Caribbean, murdered at least tens of thousands innocent souls and turned his nation into a third world hovel for 60 years is generally admired by many of our young American scholars and professors on the quads and lawns of our campuses.

Every parent writing these tuition checks every year should be outraged. I think every student should be outside the registrar’s office demanding a refund for peddling such vile nonsense.

We now have millions of young American men and women spending four years, most, quite wasted, coming out not able to tell the difference between a barbaric tyrant and a basically decent but foul-mouthed, crude, adolescent American businessman. We parents and professors hand these poor young men and women almost worthless degrees leaving them clueless about the beauty of American values, American history and American greatness. In the end it all leaves them terribly weakened morally, spiritually and civically.

Barely a handful of our young students can string an intelligent sentence together about the important core American values from our Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian traditions. Barely a handful embrace our fundamental kindness, tolerance, self-reliance, love of individual liberty, protection of private property, and a hatred of human evil. Most have never even opened up a Bible, considered the most important book in America by most of our founders. Most have never set eyes on a paragraph from Locke, Montesquieu, Madison, Adam Smith, our constitution or the Federalist Papers. Barely a tiny fraction can speak an intelligible paragraph on the moral greatness of our constitution, the necessity for a religious and virtuous people, our republican form of government, the wonderful values of our Bill of Rights, separation of powers, our great capitalistic economic system vs. the ruin of socialism, our rejection of radical egalitarianism and our love for the concept of E Pluribus Unum.

They can sadly, very sadly indeed, tell us after four years and $200,000 all about the cosmically immoral leftist lies of how evil is America, our Constitution, and our history. As the priests of secular leftism the Bernie’s, Barack’s and Hillary’s will say, “we are all a bunch of deplorable clingers soaking in our racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, greed, climate denying and xenophobia.” They can immorally and regressively tell us how a human is to be judged by his skin color, class, or the genitalia between his or her or zhe’s legs- not on his character or behavior.

I have nothing to do with American University. Maybe try to detoxify from Leftism a bit before the last, for the most part wasted, tuition check is due. Learn the cosmic moral difference between the Fidel’s and Donald’s of this world. Learn some truly wonderful American ideas and values with the five minute courses at Prager University. They are heading for 250 million views this year. Read Prager’s “Still the Best Hope” or Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” or “Plunder and Deceit.” Good luck to each of you precious young Americans.

Howard Sachs is an “interested reader, parent, husband, businessman and very proud American.”

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