Students react to election results

As news of Donald Trump's presidential win sinks in, students share their thoughts

Students react to election results

Students sit in SIS to watch election results in November 2016. 

Following Tuesday night's election results, students share their reactions to the news of Donald Trump's election as the next president of the United States. 

Jamie Driscoll, a junior in CAS from Levittown, Pennsylvania

“I don’t know that I have words for what I’m feeling this morning. Our country just elected someone accused of rape and sexual assault of minors and women on film. What does that say about the women on this campus and our safety? If our president has absolutely no respect for women, how is anyone supposed to feel safe from assaults in D.C., on campus, or really any space?”

Claire Ison, a sophomore in SOC from St. Petersburg, Florida

“I’m just really disappointed. I’m disappointed in our country. I’m kind of scared for the future too. There was a point in the night, once he got Ohio, I kind of knew things were going down, so you could kind of prepare yourself for it. This morning, a lot of the activity on Facebook just really saddens me, seeing my friends of color talk and members of the LGBT community. It’s incredibly sad.”

Adam Bluebaugh, a junior in KSB from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I’m lowkey ashamed to be American right now. Honestly, the whole world is just laughing at us because ‘How did we let this happen?’ It’s just sad. When you think about the future, it’s like ‘what’s going to happen?’ It’s very ambiguous. That’s the main thing I’m feeling right now.”

Yamato Jack, a freshman in SIS from Silver Spring, Maryland

“I’m honestly just disappointed in this country. They let a qualified candidate go at the hand of a bigot. That’s really just it. There are no policies put in place, everything’s just up in the air right now.”

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