Student Jobs Board revamped after security scare

Access to the Jobs Board has been reinstated to make it safer for students to access local jobs

Student Jobs Board revamped after security scare

The Student Government Student Jobs Board is back up and running as what SG hopes will be the go-to place for students to pick up work and snag some extra cash.

After the University proactively shut down the board due to safety concerns back in the spring, SG relaunched the board last week with new security measures to ensure the safety of all students.

The most significant change to the Jobs Board is the sign-up process for employers, according to SG’s Director of Information Technology Austin Morgan. He said that members of the community who choose to post a job will need to be manually verified to make an account. Employers will need to include a phone number and address to be granted the ability to post on the website.

“We decided to change the sign-up process to more proactively stop spam and unsafe posts,” Morgan said. “We didn't want to restrict signup too much, because a lot of AU students depend on work from people outside of the immediate Tenleytown-AU community. Verifying the job posters is the best step we can take in that direction while leaving the rest of the Jobs Board intact.”

The board was shut down in May by the University after concerns over unsafe and spam listings, according to the memo sent by AUSG to students last week. Students that used the Jobs Board in the past will find that the application process has remained the same, according to Morgan. This includes creating a username and password and a short bio for a profile, and then completing a resume which can include previous job experience and references.

Positions can range from one-time to long-term positions, and will include spots for positions such as babysitting, pets, tutoring and food service according to the jobs board. According to Morgan, students looking for full-time jobs and internships should contact the Career Center.

“Local, part-time jobs like babysitting are a great way for people to earn income, especially students,” Morgan said. “I've heard from several people in the D.C. area that they've had great experiences hiring AU students, so I think there's a steady stream of opportunities out there.”

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