SUB announces AMFest, first ever arts and music festival

The festival will include 13 acts along with headliner RDGLDGRN

SUB announces AMFest, first ever arts and music festival

D.C. area Indie-GoGo and alternative rock band RDGLDGRN will headline Student Union Board's first ever arts and music festival on March 26 in American University’s Amphitheater.

AMFest will feature a large array of artists in addition to RDGLDGRN and will include a barbeque for those who attend the event. The organizations co-sponsoring the event include AES, Live Sound Club, SANC, WVAU, Second District Records, 94 Forever, NAACP, the Brazilian Club, American Word, the Arabic Club and Les Couers d’ Afrique. Each organization is sponsoring an act.

“The original idea came from the concept of a potluck, which was what I was calling it for a while,” Director of SUB, Tam Sackman said. “That clubs who we never would have had the chance to collaborate with before could each bring an act to an event that's representative of them. The idea didn't really change the whole time.”

The festival will host a total of 13 acts, each sponsored by an organization. Other acts include Calm and Crisis, Peppina, Matt Hunter, 94 Forever, Frizzy, Beya, Cappocria DC, Sub Radio, S. Ross Browne, Faris El-Layl Dabke, Dance Showcase and House DJ K-Cap.

Headliner RDGLDGRN’s most notable tracks include “Doing the Most,” and “Million Fans.” The group’s collaborations include tracks with singer songwriter Pharrell Williams and Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters lead frontman David Grohl.

In the past the Amphitheater has hosted such acts as The Grateful Dead in 1972.

The festival will begin at 3 P.M., and the Barbeque will begin at 5 P.M. The event will run until 11 p.m.. All guests are encouraged to bring towels and blankets for sitting on.

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