The Scene’s St. Patrick’s Day Playlist

Jack Stringer breaks down what tunes you should listen to this St. Patrick’s Day.

The Scene’s St. Patrick’s Day Playlist

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate global Irish heritage than with a playlist of Irish-influenced music from around the world?

Of course, there’s no St. Patrick’s Day playlist without “Shipping up to Boston,” “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and at least something by Van Morrison. However, this playlist strives to go beyond the most popular Irish musicians and songs that have become synonymous with American-Celtic music. Swedish producers, bands from Delhi and intercultural West African groups can all cite the Irish as a sonic influence, and all make it into the playlist. So whether you are part Irish, just like to wear green sometimes or need a little bit of shamrock luck in your life, here are the best songs to listen to this St. Patrick’s Day.

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