Telekinesis and Say Hi to cure Monday blues at the Black Cat on Oct. 19

It’s no secret: Monday night concerts are usually hit or miss affairs. Luckily, Seattle-based indie-rock outfit Telekinesis blends synth-pop sensibility with tack-sharp lyrics that should easily keep the Monday blues at bay. The band released its fourth LP, “Ad Infinitum,” in September 2015 and will bring its tour to the Black Cat on Oct. 19. Fellow Seattle-ite and indie-pop veteran Eric Elbogen (aka Say Hi) will perform an opening set.

Telekinesis is the brainchild of Michael Benjamin Lerner, who writes most of the band’s music and tours with a rotating assembly of friends. Lerner’s down-to-earth attitude makes for endearingly relatable records, but his knack for pairing quick-witted lyrics with captivating hooks brings Telekinesis to the forefront of the hyper saturated indie-pop scene.

Popular songs like “Power Lines,” “Please Ask for Help” and “Coast of Carolina” draw more than a little inspiration from fellow Seattle indie artists like Death Cab for Cutie and Throw Me the Statue. But Telekinesis continues to carve out its own sound on “Ad Infinitum.” Standout tracks “Sleep In” and “Sylvia” feature more concise instrumentation and highly refined hooks, and the irresistibly catchy tracks show serious maturation on Lerner’s part.

Sometimes upbeat, sometimes melancholy, often a little bit of both, Telekinesis continues to grow without compromising the fun-loving earnesty that fans have come to know and love. Lerner’s set is likely to feature both new and old songs, and should provide a captivating look at Telekinesis’ evolution - a treat for dedicated fans and new listeners alike.

Coupled with an opening performance by Say Hi, who also released their “Bleeder’s Digest” LP in September 2015, the Oct. 19 performance should be an outstanding performance and an excellent way to kick off the week.

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