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M Street’s Pie Sisters ushers in a new craze

M Street’s Pie Sisters ushers in a new craze

On a cold, rainy winter day in Washington, D.C., it can be near impossible to emerge from the warmth of your bed. What could be incentive enough to draw you away from the comfort found there? One word: pie.

Located in Georgetown, Pie Sisters is a charming pie shop that provides refuge from the fast paced M Street, adding a small town feel to the urban neighborhood. Sisters Alli, Cat and Erin Blakley started their business baking in their mother’s kitchen, before opening up their shop in 2010. Erin Blakley said that opening the bakery “really brought everyone together.” It turns out Pie Sisters is bringing all types of people together, creating an eclectic crowd of pie lovers. Enticed by the hot-out-the-oven smell and fresh coffee, people are coming in droves to the small storefront.

Freshly cut flowers adorn each table and wide windows let sun streams accentuate the simple and elegant interior design. Above the glass display of goodies, pictures of the three sisters overlook the shop. Hungry customers can purchase a classic cherry pie, jumble berry pie (mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries), Bourbon chocolate pecan pie or any of the numerous enticing offerings.

There is also a long list of savory pies such as the Chicken Pot Pie. If you’re not into buying an entire pie for $32.00, no worries. Single slices are $5, cuppies (single slices of pie in a cupcake shape) are $3.75 and pie bites (miniature cuppies) are $1.75. The Pie Sisters came up with the idea of a “cuppie” as a way to compete with the cupcake industry and because they are convenient enough for people who don’t want an entire slice of pie.

In regards to opening their shop, the sisters realized there was a niche market waiting to be capitalized. There were no other nearby pie shops, and Erin Blakley mentioned that the so-called cupcake craze was dying down.


“Pie is classic," Erin Blakley said. "Everyone has a certain pie that they can relate to: a pie that their mother or grandmother made."

The Bourbon chocolate pecan pie was my clear favorite and led me to agree with Erin Blakley. Its rich flavor is instantly endearing and its crust is ideally flaky. The chocolate and Bourbon worked well together, neither overpowering the other and the pecans add a satisfying crunch. The jumbleberry was a little bit tart, but its brown sugar streusel topping offset its mild bitterness. I also thoroughly enjoyed the cherry pie. For someone who usually can’t stand cherries, it was a pleasant surprise.

In my experience, you cannot go wrong with any of the sweet or savory offerings at Pie Sisters. Visiting the shop is a perfect way to spend a Sunday or Saturday afternoon. Like me, you may find yourself wishing to indulge in more pie before you’ve even left.

Metro: 32, 34, 36 bus from Tenleytown

Address: The Pie Sisters

3423 M St. NW

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