The Eagle’s dream SUB 2014-15 lineup

The Eagle’s dream SUB 2014-15 lineup

Every year, the Student Union Board hosts popular music artists for exclusive concerts in Bender Arena and the Tavern. This year’s lineup kicked off in style last night with Karmin and JoJo. Here’s a fantasy list of the artists we’d be thrilled to see onstage later this year.

The Orwells or Mac DeMarco

Born into a life of bland living, this Chicago surfer punk band brings out the struggles of teenage boredom in modern day suburbia. With its second album “Disgraceland” just released this year, The Orwells would put on an amazing show at AU. – ZACH EWELL, Assistant Music Editor

Mac DeMarco would also be another great act to see at AU again. Although DeMarco performed a show in School of International Service last year, that concert was before the release of his newest and very successful album “Salad Days.” A Mac DeMarco concert with the venue upgraded to Bender Arena would be a SUB show not to be missed. – ZE

Kacey Musgraves or Brandy Clark

These rising country stars might not get the airplay of Jason Aldean or Florida Georgia Line, but they have the songwriting chops and onstage confidence to sell out arenas – if they’re not too busy cranking out beautifully written songs about the perils and pleasures of small-town life that is. – MARK LIEBERMAN, Scene Managing Editor

The Mountain Goats

This indie folk rock band headed by the prolific John Darnielle may not the typical act brought by SUB to campus, but I fully endorse such a bold move. Darnielle’s songs have lyrical heft with a genuine voice that touches every part of our lives. – DAVID LIM, Administration and Local News Editor

Local Natives

The Los Angeles-based indie rock band released its second album, Hummingbird, last year, and signs of a sophomore slump were nowhere to be found. Taylor Rice and company deftly straddle the line between youthful bliss and angst, and its brand of music would be well-received at AU. – DEVIN MITCHELL, Assistant Opinion Editor

Chromeo or Wale

In my dream world, I would hope SUB could bring my favorite artist, the one and only Drake. Sadly, this just isn’t feasible. However, I would be thrilled to see either electro-pop duo Chromeo or D.C. rapper Wale onstage at Bender Arena. I’ve been a big fan of Chromeo since they released their album “Fancy Footwork” in 2007. It’s come a long way since then, releasing its single “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” this past year which landed it on the Billboard charts. All of its songs are catchy and would keep the audience grooving. – JANE MORICE, Music Editor

Additionally, D.C. native Wale has performed at other universities in the area (like Howard and UMD) so I think it’s the right time to invite this clever lyricist to perform at AU. He’s been releasing new music and working on his fourth studio album, “The Album About Nothing,” so why not let us be his test audience? – JM

The Mowgli’s or Natalia Kills

These two artists could not be further away from each other on the genre spectrum. The Mowgli’s embody peppy indie. It’s folksy, it’s fun and it makes you feel good. – ALY SEIDEL, Features Editor

On the other hand, Natalia Kills is an alternative powerhouse in her own right. She relies on subtle synth beats and an angry baseline to hammer home every verse, singing about glamorous parties and broken homes with nuance and passion. It’s blow-your-speakers-out, lose-your-voice-screaming kind of music. – AS

FKA Twigs or Alt-J

Even though these two couldn’t be farther apart in musical classification, they are incredibly distinct and perfected in their respective sounds and are breaking genres. FKA is the first artist in a while to reintroduce trip-hop themes with her dark, melodic vocals. – JORDAN-MARIE SMITH, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Alt-J is doing something of the same for indie with every track from its upcoming album being undeniably original, taut and powerful. – JS

Vampire Weekend or Childish Gambino

Just a quick glance at Donald Glover’s (aka Childish Gambino) tweets would tell you that he would fit in perfectly at AU. He’s passionate, outspoken and fierce as a rapper and a person, so he would be the perfect act to bring some excitement to campus. – EMMA WILLIAMS, Editorial Page Editor

And of course I have to say my favorite band Vampire Weekend, because anyone who knows me would be shocked if I didn’t. – EW

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