Tenley construction has minor delays, still to open August 2015

Tenley construction has minor delays, still to open August 2015

AU’s Tenley Campus is being renovated and expanded to house the Washington School of Law.

Construction at Tenley Campus was delayed several times this summer, but most buildings and exterior spaces are still projected to be open by August 2015.

The University faced a lengthy and complex permitting process this summer, Senior Project Manager Ferda Guzey said by email. There were also logistical challenges that included material deliveries, excavated soil dumping and weather delays that impacted construction at Tenley Campus, but there has been progress.

“[….] steady progress is underway as well as acceleration to make up for the harsh 2013 winter weather,” Guzey said by email.

The campus will be the new home for the Washington College of Law. It will include two new buildings called the Yuma Street Building and Nebraska Avenue Building, which will house classrooms, a dining hall, the Pence Law Library, a ceremonial courtroom and faculty offices totaling 312,000 square feet, according to AU’s website.

Capital Hall will also be remodeled to be administrative offices and its chapel will be converted into a ceremonial moot courtroom, according to the University’s website.

Yuma Street Building, Nebraska Avenue Building and Capitol Hall are all slated to reach Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold status, in accordance with AU’s green building policy, when the construction and renovations are complete, Guzey said by email.

LEED is a four-tier ranking system of bronze, silver, gold and platinum that assesses how ecologically-friendly a building is based on its air quality, natural lighting and other qualities, The Eagle previously reported.

The campus will also include space for 400 vehicles. Two main levels of Tenley Campus’ new underground parking garage are currently being worked on, according to a construction update posted on Aug. 5 on AU’s webpage. Pipes for stormwater and sanitary waste are being installed along with electrical wiring and garage lighting, according to the update.

A small third level will be added to the garage before construction is completed, which will have direct access to the new Yuma Street and Nebraska Avenue Buildings above, Guzey said by email.

WCL will host 2,000 students and 500 faculty and staff members when it is completed next August.


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