AU home to almost 300 clubs

AU home to almost 300 clubs

Over 1,700 freshman students will be calling AU home this semester, one of AU’s highest yields ever, according to President Neil Kerwin’s midsummer campus update. College can be a jarring experience for freshman, but this year, AU has over 300 clubs that can help kickstart the next four years.

For passionate, political junkies
AU is known for political activity. AU is the school that had some students protest Dick Cheney last spring, while others gave him a standing ovation, and both helped bring national attention to the event. The Princeton Review consistently ranks AU on their Most Politically Active Students list.

With that in mind, there can be a group on campus for just about any type of political affiliation. The AU College Republicans are hosting a conference on Ayn Rand and Individualism this October, and the College Dems have brought a host of speakers to campus, including Congressman Patrick Murphy.

Interested in activism?
Fossil Free AU is one of the most active groups on campus. It has been pressuring the University to divest from fossil fuels, by hosting walkouts on campus and demonstrating outside of a Board of Trustees event.

Time to expand horizons
College is all about new experiences.There’s a diverse and thriving community on campus of students with different cultures and languages that can be tapped into. Students can practice languages with native speakers right on campus at the Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition and Research, or attend soul food dinners with the Black Student Alliance.

There are also a wide variety of religious groups on campus. Students don’t have to be a dedicated practitioner — or even religious — to attend the events. Students can join Hillel for kosher meals during shabbat or learn more about Islam with interfaith Jummah prayer events.

Looking for friendships (and connections) that last a lifetime?
Looking for a tight knit community on campus? Think about rushing a fraternity or sorority. AU has a wide range of greek life, from professional business frats to social frats with extensive alumni networks. AU also has a pre-law fraternity, both a foreign service sorority and fraternity and many other professional chapters that can advance students’ social and professional lives.

Finding New Circles of Friends
AU isn’t all networking and internships. Students can, on occasion, relax and have fun. From theater groups like Mission Improvable to hobbies like the Beekeeping Society, there’s a huge range of things to do. Clubs like these can be one of the best ways to get to know people around campus who share similar interests or discover a new interest.

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