The M&M Report: World Cup 2014 and “22 Jump Street”

The M&M Report: World Cup 2014 and “22 Jump Street”

This week on The M&M Report, Devin Mitchell and Mark Lieberman return from hiatus to discuss the World Cup and “22 Jump Street.” They’re both enjoying this exciting installment of the world’s biggest sporting event, and they both had kind words for a sequel that’s very meta and very bro-mantic.

Stay tuned for more episodes of The M&M Report later this summer, including episodes dedicated to “Orange is the New Black” and “Breaking Bad.” In the meantime:

Read Will Leitch’s piece for USA Weekend about America’s role in this edition of the World Cup. Watch Team USA’s next game against Belgium on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.
Read Lieberman’s review of “22 Jump Street.”
Check out every previous episode of The M&M Report.

Timecodes for this week:

0:00-16:15 – World Cup 2014
16:15-End – “22 Jump Street”

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