The M&M Report: “Mad Men” and Pop Culture’s Role in the UCSB Shooting

The M&M Report: “Mad Men” and Pop Culture’s Role in the UCSB Shooting

This week on The M&M Report, Mark Lieberman and Devin Mitchell discuss popular culture’s role in incidents like last Friday’s shooting at University of California Santa Barbara. They analyze Seth Rogen’s response to Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday’s argument that movies like “Neighbors” contribute to the culture in which heinous acts of violence can occur.

After that, they briefly review Jon Favreau’s new movie “Chef,” which they recommend seeing only after eating a satisfying meal.

Finally, they offer praise for this season of “Mad Men” and predictions for the future of the show. In particular, they disagree on the merits of Bert Cooper’s dance number at the end of Sunday’s episode.

The M&M Report will return soon with episodes devoted to “Orange is the New Black,” “Breaking Bad” and more. In the meantime:

Read Jessica Goldstein’s analysis of the Hornaday/Rogen conflict at ThinkProgress. Also, check out Hornaday’s response to today’s controversy.

Peruse Lieberman’s reviews: Neighbors, Chef and Mad Men.

Check out Mitchell’s thoughts on the “Mad Men” season finale.

Listen to every previous episode of The M&M Report here.


1:45 – 11:45 : UCSB, Ann Hornaday, Seth Rogen and pop culture’s relationship with violence
11:45 – 19:05: “Chef”
19:05 – End: “Mad Men”

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