The M&M Report: “The Good Wife,” Vampire Weekend and more

The M&M Report: “The Good Wife,” Vampire Weekend and more

This week on The M&M Report, The Eagle columnist Devin Mitchell and lifestyle editor Mark Lieberman invited Kara Avancena, The Eagle’s arts & entertainment assistant editor and sports assistant editor, to discuss last week’s shocking twist on “The Good Wife” and Louis C.K.’s excellent hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live.”

The group also took a few minutes to sing the praises of Vampire Weekend, Oxford commas and pretentious references aside. Lieberman and Mitchell closed by discussing what it’s like to miss out on television shows from “Girls” and “Lost” to “Breaking Bad” and “Friday Night Lights” at their prime.

Tune in next week for more pop culture commentary. In the meantime:
Read Alan Sepinwall’s negative review and Willa Paskin’s positive review of last week’s “The Good Wife.”
Check out Mike Ryan’s analysis of the Louis C.K. episode of “Saturday Night Live.”
Listen to every previous episode of The M&M Report here.

Timecodes and Spoiler Warnings:

Louis C.K. hosts “Saturday Night Live” — 2:05 – 9:50
“The Good Wife” shocking twist (with spoilers) — 10:00 – 20:35
Vampire Weekend — 20:40 – 27:00
Missing good television when it airs — 27:15 – 35:00

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