5 best and worst reasons to live in the Berks

5 best and worst reasons to live in the Berks

Correction: The print edition incorrectly attributed this photo to Alejandro Alvarez instead of Nicole Brunet.


1. It’s not tobacco-free
The Berkshire Apartments are not smoke-free or really anything-free. There is plenty of room for all sorts of “recreational activities” that RAs hate.

2. Free furniture
Wander the Berks halls at any time of the year and you’ll find a plethora of random objects anywhere from toasters to spare furniture abandoned by former residents.

3. Cleaning skills
Nothing will teach you the basic concept of cleaning faster than renting your very own Berks apartment. Here, you run the risk of being eaten by your own roaches.

4. Door service
Unlike at the dorms, delivery men bring your food straight to your apartment. No more having to put on a bra, find your shoes and awkwardly leave the tip upstairs.

5. Babies
At the Berks, babies and old people are close enough to remind you they exist, but far enough that you rarely have to keep the noise down.


1. Apartment lockage
Between Netflix and GrubHub, your apartment building has everything you need.
Unfortunately, sometimes you realize you haven’t actually left in two days.

2. The ‘ick’ factor
Really, this couldn’t be higher. AU students have been horrified to find roaches, mold and mildew. And that’s just in the kitchen sink. Enter bathrooms with caution.

3. Rent
The number will bring the same sense of dread and horror you felt when you looked at your tuition bill for the first time.

4. Lost delivery men
Your delivery man will call you at least once, baffled by the West/Central/East system. Get ready for conversations of: “Hello? What do you mean that you are in W?”

5. No more store
The Berks store is no more. Rumors abound as to its return, but as of right now, R.I.P. Berks store. You are sorely missed.

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