Op/ed: Ray Bowman should be SG Vice President

We go to events around campus. We’ve attended Kennedy Political Union speakers and we’ve been to Student Union Board concerts. We’ve helped plan and execute events. We are also the Comptroller and the Secretary of Student Government, and we support Ray Bowman for Vice President.

As e-board members, we have seen a lot around campus and we have talked to so many people about what they want to see from their Student Government. Extensive deliberation and careful decision making have gone into SG events this year, but we could do better. We made a promise as an e-board to be collaborative, but we can do better. We want to bring in diverse speakers, but we could absolutely do better. That’s where Ray comes in.

He has a clear vision of what the rest of the year could look like for SG events. There isn’t much time left in the term. A lot of the events for the semester have been planned. Ray has taken the time to craft a specific strategy for the limited time left in the semester. No buzzwords, no vague platform, just concrete ideas with the AU community in mind. That is the kind of person we need to complete our e-board.

If elected, Ray will implement the Grant to Empower Multiculturalism (G.E.M). Not only will this connect SG with other organizations to collaborate on events, but it promotes multicultural programming, which has been lacking this year. This grant will build bridges between clubs. Our Student Activity Fee is no joke; we don’t want that money going towards ineffective events or towards frivolity. This grant will ensure that student money is going towards diverse programming. We love collaborating with clubs and we love helping out in anyway we can, so we couldn’t be more excited about the thought of implementing this idea.

We are confident that Ray is the perfect candidate for the Vice Presidency. Not only because of what he plans to do, but what he has already done. Ray has been active in making sure SG is transparent and accountable to students. He is competent, collaborative, and most importantly, a leader. We see Ray leading SG programming, and we hope you see that too. Don’t forget to vote this Wednesday and Thursday on your AU Portal for Ray Bowman!

Rosemary Cipriano is a junior in the School of Communication and Ben Johnson is junior in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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