Introducing The M&M Report: the first podcast

Introducing The M&M Report: the first podcast

Welcome to “The M&M Report,” The Eagle’s first podcast. Each week, lifestyle editor Mark Lieberman and columnist Devin Mitchell will discuss and debate topics in entertainment and popular culture from the latest movies and TV shows to old favorites and new trends.

This week, Lieberman and Mitchell tackled one of their favorite shows: “The West Wing,” a favorite among AU students. They discussed their favorite episodes and analyzed the show’s achievements in its first two seasons.

After that, they introduced one of their favorite recurring segments, “Devin Doesn’t Like Things.” This week, Mitchell ranted about his complicated feelings on awards shows.

“The M&M Report” origins
Lieberman and Mitchell started “The M&M Report” independently last semester, hosting each episode on Lieberman’s blog. The name, courtesy of The Eagle’s sports editor Eric Saltzman, refers to the first letter in Mark’s first name and the first letter in Devin’s last. They have discussed hot button topics in the past such as as “12 Years a Slave,” the Oscars, TV pilots, Arcade Fire, Justin Timberlake and more. They use their discussions to analyze pop culture in a way that’s both fun and substantive. With this new platform, they hope to expand the show to a broader audience and increase The Eagle’s multimedia presence.

Tune in next week for more pop culture analysis. In the meantime, old episodes of “The M&M Report” are available to stream and download.

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