Phantogram electrifies at 9:30 Club

Phantogram electrifies at 9:30 Club

Electronic rockers Phantogram stimulated the senses of the 9:30 Club crowd with their electrifying performance on Dec. 5.
The duo consists of guitarist, Josh Carter and keyboardist, Sarah Barthel. Both of the artists sing and are accompanied by a drummer and a bass player.

Headliners that evening included dark pop duo Weeknight and Until the Ribbon Breaks, a one-man alternative band who recently went on tour with Lorde. By the time Phantogram appeared at 9:30 p.m., the 9:30 Club was packed.

Phantogram took the stage, dazzling the crowd with its flashy gold background and a disco ball from the ceiling. The dancing spotlights made the show very unique, as they were in sync with the music, making all the drops in Phantograms’ songs an ethereal experience.

Phantogram’s songs are often characterized by the echoes of Barthel’s raspy, siren-like voice. Though it was difficult to understand the lyrics whenever she sang, her bold dancing was admirable as she threw her whole body into every verse.

Phantogram performed songs from their new self-titled EP, such as the sweet love song “Never Going Home.” The tech duo also performed their hits, which elicited wild cheers from the relatively young crowd. “Don’t Move” certainly got people moving while “When I’m Small” caused an uproar.

After the relatively short set was over, Phantogram returned to the stage after being pulled back by a hungry crowd. The band played “Mouthful of Diamonds,” another major hit, and “Celebrating Nothing,” another track off of their new EP.

Overall, Phantogram’s performance was a dazzling spectacle of lights mixed with indistinguishable vocal wails. The show provided a chill atmosphere for a young adult crowd, but did not provide additional entertainment beside beyond the light show and Sarah Barthel’s bold dance moves.

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