Sir Sly seriously rocks at Rock and Roll Hotel

Sir Sly seriously rocks at Rock and Roll Hotel

Sir Sly and Magic Man put on an electrifying performance that left all audience members dancing on Oct. 28.

Shuffling feet were not the only thing moving at the Rock and Roll Hotel during Sir Sly’s performance. At times, the walls seemed like they were shivering from the loud bass.

Sir Sly’s music embodies the flavorful sound of a mellower Passion Pit in a wrapper similar to Foster the People. However, Sir Sly brought its own unique musical touch to listeners’ ears as its live performance took on a much more interactive appearance. Unlike many modern bands, Sir Sly moved with their music to create a visually attractive show.

As the stage came to life, so did the crowd as the walls depicted a shadow puppet show of people dancing and enjoying themselves.

“You can truly tell that everyone in the room has a high level of respect for you when you walk into a concert to play, that is what’s most rewarding about being a musician, is playing for people like that,” frontman Landon Jacobs said.

Sir Sly played their most popular songs such as “Ghost” and “Gold” along with a few others from their recent EP “Gold.” Although Sir Sly is still developing as a band with the potential to achieve fame and commercial success, appreciate them for what they are now- a young band filled with energy and talent.

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