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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Savoir Adore entrances inhabitants of DC9

Savoir Adore enchanted a small, intimate crowd on the outskirts of 9th Street at DC9 on Sept. 24.

Based in New York, the faces behind the “fantasy adventure synth pop” band are Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro. The duo has been making music together as Savoir Adore since their schooldays at New York University in 2006.

Openers for the show were Miracles of Modern Science, a five-piece orchestral space-pop band, and electro-pop duo French Horn Rebellion consisting of the Perlick-Molinari brothers, Robert and David. Both bands set the bar high with disco-infused dance anthems that made the night feel like an ode to the 70s.

Lovers and loners alike were entranced by the funky music blasting around them. While most shyly bopped to the beat, a few brave souls dared to dance full out and twirled in sync with the shimmering disco balls and flashing neon lights.

This immediately caught the attention of Robert, who eventually came onto the floor and played his french horn for the ladies while David kept the percussion aesthetics on point behind the board. Robert and David were extremely chatty during their set, especially before playing their most popular songs “Girls,” “Friday Nights” and “Love Is Dangerous.”

“We’re really excited tonight because we’re playing with family. Quite literally, because David is married to Deidre, and we’ve got Paul on lights,” said Robert during the show.

After the lights dimmed down, Savoir Adore finally emerged from the smoky shadows, dressed in all white. The band, complete with a total of five members for the gig, performed a pleasant combination of new tunes from “Our Nature” and old tracks off “In The Wooded Forest.” Savoir Adore kicked off their set with “Beating Hearts,” followed by punching rock songs like “Bodies” and “MERP.”

Though the dreamy “Regalia” was nestled in between the two, the full-band effect made the song hit harder with strong energy that radiated from the stage and sent everyone into another dimension. The harmonization of Muro and Hammer’s voices was completely hypnotizing. As Hammer said, the music invites listeners to “give in to your imagination, don’t worry about it, we’re going to take you on a journey.”

Hammer’s personal favorite, “Sea of Gold” had the audience swaying intensely. Though it’s more of a slow jam, “At the Same Time,” mellowed out the mood without killing the overall vibe. Of course, “Dreamers” and “Loveliest Creature” were the biggest crowd pleasers and stimulated everyone into a happy frenzy.

“It’s pretty amazing to see people sing along which is a new thing for us in the last year,” said Hammer.

What felt like an eternity in a whimsical world far away from D.C. was only a few short hours at another local bar. A gentle breeze greeted inhabitants when they were released from DC9’s corridors. As everyone dispersed among the various accompanying streets, the stars twinkled in the midnight sky. All at once, the evening had reached the end.

If last Tuesday night were a fairytale, Savoir Adore successfully had everyone under their dancing spell.

Needless to say, Savoir Adore easily captivates a crowd without exhibiting much effort. They sound exactly the same as they do on record, but it’s a better experience live because it’s happening in the present.

This isn’t make believe— Savoir Adore is the real deal.

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