Doldrums preview

Montreal-based indie-techno wizard Doldrums, aka Airick Woodhead, will be performing at 9:30 club on Nov. 19 with Sleigh Bells.

This performance is part of the Bitter Rivals tour, on which Doldrums is promoting his newest record, “Lesser Evil.” Released in February, the album is the follow-up to “Empire Sound,” which put Doldrums on the map in 2011 with big names like Pitchfork and NYLON Magazine.

While Doldrums’ trippy-synth style is present throughout “Lesser Evil,” each song has a distinct style of its own. The style is similar to the worldly “Holographic Sandcastles,” which features Sami Nacomi, or the video-game inspired “She is the Wave.” Most songs involve blended vocals, over processed beats and experimental noise, making this the perfect music to space out to.

Fans of ambient bands like Grizzly Bear and Washed Out will appreciate Doldrums’ new sound.

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