Meet The Eagle’s new columnists

Meet The Eagle’s new columnists

John Foti

With a new year, The Eagle is launching a new set of columnists. Look out for these new columns every Tuesday.

John Foti
Sophomore in the School of Public Affairs
Major: Political Science
Column: The Economic Side of Politics

My column is focused on political issues and how they affect the U.S. economy and taxpayers. My goal is to give new perspective on political and social issues by looking at them through an economic lens and encourage readers to think about the economic costs and benefits of the actions and inactions of our government.

Marshall Bornemann
Senior in the School of International Service
Major: International Studies
Column: Loan Hawk

Welcome back, Eagles. As we start fresh this year, many of us are digesting today’s most pressing issues. Loan Hawk, if it does not seem obvious, covers the effects of loans from one country to another in a political context. To keep readers interested in the material, Loan Hawk will not be limited to just “loans” or “fiscal” and “monetary” affairs. It will encompass both the complexities of these countries’ debts as well as the social, military and political ramifications apparent in today’s international system.

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