Manager fired for selling Girl Scout cookies at Eagle’s Nest

Clarification appended

Bon Appétit Retail Service Manager Tracy Lewis was fired from her position on Feb. 18 for selling Girl Scout cookies at Eagle’s Nest, according to Fox 5.

An employee of various food vendors at AU for 28 years, Lewis had sold the cookies for three years to support her 12-year-old daughter who is in Girl Scouts, according to the article.

Lewis claimed she did not actively ask anyone to buy the cookies but would sell them if someone was interested, according to the article.

Lewis did not respond to The Eagle’s requests for comment.

Bonnie Powell, director of communications for Bon Appétit, said in an email she could not legally discuss employee matters.

Student Worker Alliance member Ethan Miller said his organization, which promotes workers’ rights, tried to get in touch with Lewis to talk to her about what she wanted to do, but could not reach her to make any plans in regard to her case.

“The most troubling part of this is that she is not the first manager they have fired recently for dubious reasons,” Miller said in an email. “In December, they fired Hollis Coates, who was a floor manager in TDR.”

However, School of Communication freshman Ford Fischer felt Lewis’ firing was justified, as the Girl Scout cookies could have taken profit from Eagle’s Nest.

“If I went in there to buy Oreos and then saw her, I probably would have bought her cookies. If I did this, then Bon Appétit would be down $7 for the cost of a box of Oreos,” Fischer said in an email. “I’m sure she had the best intentions, but it was a misuse of her position.”

This article has been updated to clarify that Lewis was an employee of various food vendors at AU, including Bon Appétit, but not of AU itself.

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