Demolition date set for Glenbrook house

Correction appended

The Army Corps of Engineers announced Nov. 13 that demolition on 4825 Glenbrook Rd. will begin the week of Nov 26.

Site preparation for investigative work is set after Dec. 19 when the Corps hopes demolition is completed. This work includes inspecting the site for arsenic trichloride, a dangerous chemical which affects the eyes and lungs and arsine-filled munitions, the latter of which they previously found three.

The Corps will begin work under a large tent, called a “containment structure,” in January, when they expect to find chemicals. Army Corps spokesmen at the meeting said that precautions have been put in place for the investigation. However, they have also instituted voluntary “shelter in place” procedures, which instructs people about where to take cover in case something goes wrong at the site.

There are eight properties which fall into the zone where residents would be advised to “shelter in place,” including Watkins Hall and President Neil Kerwin’s home at 4835 Glenbrook Rd.

Brenda Barber, Corps project manager, said she has also communicated with AU’s athletic department about providing emergency access through the intramural field. Signs, audio and video cues will be located on AU’s campus, according to Barber.

Correction: This article previously said that the Corps would not be searching for arsine-filled munitions. They will be searching for them but don't expect to find them.

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