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Students show support for girls' education

She’s the First, a non-profit organization advocating for girls’ education worldwide, started a chapter at AU in late August.

The chapter is based on the national organization founded in 2009. The non-profit organization raises funds so girls across the globe can receive an education that would not normally be available to them, according to College of Arts and Sciences sophomore and She’s the First founder and President Lorraine Magee.

“No matter what people are interested in, they can find a way to apply it by getting involved with women’s education,” she said.

The chapter is currently working to bring a young girl to the Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda, which provides care and resources for girls in Uganda. The organization plans to help this girl through fundraising, Magee said.

The organization hopes to influence girls’ education by raising awareness.

She’s the First co-sponsored its first event, a screening of the documentary “Half the Sky,” with various on-campus organizations and sororities on Oct. 8. The documentary, which is based off the book of the same title by Nick Kristof, addresses sex trafficking of young girls in developing countries, according to Half the Sky campus ambassador and School of Communication sophomore Ariella Steinhorn.

Approximately 140 people attended this event, Magee said. She said she hopes the event brought attention to the goal of She’s the First and the documentary to educate young girls and give them a better opportunity in life.

The AU chapter plans to work with Georgetown Cupcake for the nationwide second annual national Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake Sale in November. The cupcakes are tie-dyed and sold to raise funds for girls’ education in developing countries.

Georgetown Cupcake will donate 200 cupcakes to the AU chapter since homemade items cannot be sold on campus, Magee said.

Magee began the chapter after becoming interested in She’s the First during high school. One of her high school teachers’ roommates was the founder of the non-profit organization.

Magee came to AU with the intention of spreading She’s the First’s purpose of helping young girls obtain an education in developing countries after her teacher told her about the organization.

“I’m an education major,” she said. “It goes hand in hand.”

She’s the First at AU hopes to involve more students in their club, Magee said. Approximately 50 students attended the two of their first general interest meetings.

“This is really a club for the members,” she said. “We are excited to work together to make a difference here on campus.”

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