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Senate supports tiered university parking, increased outreach

Senators approve SG scholarship

The Undergraduate Senate passed a resolution supporting a tiered parking system in an effort to make parking at AU less of a financial stress for all University workers, including faculty, staff and Aramark workers.

The resolution, passed during the Nov. 13 meeting, addresses the cost of parking at AU and the financial burden placed on University workers and their families.

Replacing the current flat rate system with a tiered system would determine each worker’s parking rate based on his or her salary.

Ethan Miller, director of the Student-Worker Alliance, spoke before the Senate advocating for the resolution, saying it would support the workers.

Miller acknowledged the University’s environmental concerns about the effects of a tiered system.

By reducing the cost of parking, some say more workers will be encouraged to drive, therefore increasing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.

“This is an issue on the forefront of the students’ minds, and if we have the opportunity to help the workers at this university, we have a responsibility to do so,” said School of International Service Sen. Rory Slatko, the sponsor of the resolution.

Slatko plans to work with University officials as well as environmental groups on campus to address and account for these concerns.

Senators to table on Quad

The Senate also passed a bill to improve constituent relations, requiring all senators to hold two-hour tabling sessions at least once a semester.

As opposed to weekly office hours, which are held in the Undergraduate Senate office in Mary Graydon Center, these sessions would be held in the MGC lobby or on the Quad. Senators can use these tabling sessions in place of regular office hours, according to the bill.

Class of 2012 Sen. Barton Thompson, the sponsor of the bill, said the bill represents another effort by the Senate to be more accessible to constituents.

He said giving the students more opportunities to speak with senators should help bring fresh ideas and legislation to the floor.

Senate complies with McBride’s demands

The Senate also advocated for SG to increase the amount of money granted to each Civic Engagement Scholarship recipient.

When the legislation was originally passed by the Senate, each recipient would receive $1,000 starting in this year’s spring semester.

SG President Tim McBride vetoed that bill, citing the large amount of money still left in the scholarship fund.

This new legislation, passed in response to McBride’s veto, would increase the amount to $2,000 granted this spring to each recipient.

Recipients in future years will receive $2,000 per academic year.

In his report, SG Secretary Kevin Sutherland said three recipients have been finalized with a two-person waiting list.

Director of events appointed

The Senate also confirmed Vice President Liz Richard’s appointment of Alex Leiro to serve as director of events.

Leiro stepped down from his six-month run as AUTO commissioner to apply for the position.

The Comptroller’s office is in the process of interviewing applicants for the now vacant AUTO commissioner position.

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