Tim McBride wins SG presidency

Tim McBride wins SG presidency
From left, Vice President-elect Liz Richards, President-elect Tim McBride, Comptroller-elect Taylor Yeates and Secretary-elect Kevin Sutherland.

Sophomore Tim McBride will head up next year’s Student Government, winning the presidency with 37 percent of the vote.

Rounding out the rest of the executive board is Kevin Sutherland as secretary with 67 percent of the vote, Taylor Yeates as comptroller with 89 percent and Liz Richards as vice president with 88 percent.

Both Yeates and Richards faced no formal opposition.

Student Activities reported that 1,804 students voted.

“I’m obviously excited, but I also am really grateful for the great campaigns that the other candidates ran,” McBride said. “They all deserve a lot of credit and a lot of respect for their ideas and their hard work and their enthusiasm.”

This election saw several violations, including oversized chalking and endorsement problems.

Write-in candidates for down ballot races will be announced as candidates accept their positions.

An open application process will begin next week for appointed positions such as cabinet positions and directorships in the executive board.

McBride says his first act as president will be to create an investigatory body to analyze how AU’s administration spends the University’s money.

“It’s not necessarily to show any problems, just to hold their feet to the fire, make sure they’re spending our money the way we want them to,” McBride said.


Post-election reactions Executive board

Liz Richards, vice president-elect “I feel great,” she said. “I’m very excited, and it was a good night.”

Kevin Sutherland, secretary-elect “Looking forward to having a lot of fun and doing a lot of great work for the school next year,” he said. “I’m really proud of the race me and Eric ran. I think it was very respectful.”

Taylor Yeates, comptroller-elect “I am excited,” he said. “They are great people who deserve to win. They have good ideas. They are committed to what we do at the student government.”

Unsuccessful candidates

Joe Schulte, presidential candidate “It’s not a loss,” he said. “It’s a victory for the American University Student Government, the populace in general, and democratic action in all instances.”

Anthony Dunham, presidential candidate “It’s always tough running again,” he said. “I think it was very good. I was amazed at the number of candidates, amazed at the breadth of experiences. It’s awesome to be a part of the process.”

Jessica Darmawan, presidential candidate “I’m so happy with the results,” she said. “Tim’s a great guy. Everyone was so qualified. Everyone ran such a passionate campaign, had something interesting to say.”

Eric Reath, secretary candidate “I’m going to run for another term as speaker of the Undergraduate Senate, because I know this e-board,” he said. "I know Tim; I appointed him in August. I know Liz, I appointed her in August. I know Kevin. We’ve been friends for a long time. This organization still needs me.”

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