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Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024
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Truth getting lost in media hype

Spring is officially here. With baseball in full swing, the NFL Draft approaching and all kinds of winter sports playoffs, there's plenty to talk about. But, we'll start off with something none of us want to talk about.

Truth: The media is making way too big of a deal about the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal.

Now, I'm not trying to be insensitive or chauvinistic, but I'm sorry, this story has been blown way out of proportion. Not the rape, because if one did occur (and all the public evidence says otherwise), then this is a heinous crime and I hope the individuals are punished.

But come on, I'm just not buying that a couple of liquored-up college athletes who happen to be white raped a stripper BECAUSE she was black.

It's an issue of some egotistical athletes who think they're invincible taking advantage of their status, not a microcosm of the country's racial differences.

Truth: The media blows the NFL Draft out of proportion more than anything else.

I'm sorry, but Mel Kiper works for a month out of the year and is called a "draft guru." Who cares? The draft is a 36-hour nightmare where nothing too shocking ever happens.

Right now, ESPN is making it seem like there are 50 different possibilities for the top pick of the draft, but in reality, there are only two.

The Saints are not taking another quarterback. The Texans are not trading away the top pick. The Jets are not going to take Jay Cutler in the top four. In reality, the Texans will take Reggie Bush, the Saints will take D'Brickashaw Ferguson or Mario Williams, then the Titans and Jets will take quarterbacks.

Lie: The Spurs and Pistons will meet in the NBA Finals.

Thank God we won't have to watch the two most boring, albeit fundamentally sound, teams ever fight in the longest seven-game series ever.

I'm not sure which team (Dallas, Miami, New Jersey and Phoenix all have a shot) will dethrone the two favorites, but I just can't see both teams getting through the brackets.

The parity of the NBA (with the Clippers, Bulls, Cavs and Grizzlies in the playoffs) is not as wide at the top. There are eight legitimate teams with a shot at winning the title (the six listed above plus Cleveland and Denver).

But right now, I can tell with confidence that the Spurs and Pistons will not be the NBA Finals matchup.

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