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Movie version of Fox TV show "24" in the works

Kiefer Sutherland has confirmed a movie version of the Fox TV show "24" is in the works, The Sun, a British newspaper, reported.

"It would be the first time that we would not do something in real time, but the characters would obviously be derivative of the show," Sutherland said. "The timing issue is what the writers are working on now. The sky's the limit for them as we wouldn't be restricted by the time element."

"24" producer Joel Surnow said he wants to write the movie this year and shoot it after the next television season, slating it for release in 2008, according to an interview with Rush Limbaugh.

State Department to promote U.S. education

The U.S. State Department will allocate $3 million next year to attract students from developing countries to American universities, according to The Chronicle For Higher Education.

Dubbed the "Community College Initiative," the new funding would enable students to use their education in their home countries.

The idea began at a meeting of university presidents attended by Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes. Hughes announced the plan and followed up with a meeting at the State Department.

Officials are considering targeting efforts in Turkey, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa.

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