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Apple unveils new installation sofware

Apple Computer Inc. released new software this week to help users install and use Windows XP on new Intel-based Macintosh computers, reported Thursday.

The new software, called Boot Camp, a free beta-version download from the Apple website, allows users to install Apple's OS X and Windows XP, however users can only use one system at a time. Switching between the two may take a few minutes.

Users would also have to purchase their own copy of Windows XP.

"Consumers who were thinking about Macs but hesitated don't have to worry anymore about not being able to run PC software that didn't run on a Mac," Van Baker, an analyst at Gartner Inc., told

Microsoft applauded the development of the new software.

"We're pleased that Apple customers are excited about running [Windows], and that Apple is responding to meet the demand," said Kevin Kutz, a director in Microsoft's Windows Client Group, in an e-mailed statement to

Homeland security spokesman resigns

Brian Doyle, the Department of Homeland Security spokesman was arrested Wednesday on charges of distributing pornographic images to a minor, leading to his resignation from the department on Friday, according to Bloomberg News Services.

Doyle was initially suspended after his arrest, and was stripped of office access and security clearance.

The arrest has triggered an investigation by the House Homeland Security Committee into DHS's hiring practices.

Un-homeward bound dog

A canine was captured in New Hampshire, after evading helicopter surveillance, satellite tracking, according to the Associated Press.

Sam, neglected by his previous owner, was living with Peg and Dennis Sklarsk since 2004, when he escaped from their house three weeks after getting him. Since then, Sam, a golden retriever, nicknamed "Golden Ghost", has evaded capture by local residents.

Sam survived two New England winters by scavenging garbage cans for food and taking food handouts from neighbors. During that time he was also hit by a car.

Many efforts were made to capture him, and Sam was finally captured after luring him onto a wooded lot with food, while police monitored the area with video surveillance. The police deployed a radio-controlled net and captured Sam.

"The first time that I saw Sam after he was rescued, I went to his cage and I got down on all fours and said, 'Oh, Sammy boy' and he looked up at me, and he wagged his tail and he reached his paw out to me," Peg Sklarski told the AP.

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