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Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024
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Now's baseball's time to ban Bonds

This week was all about shattered images. From Barry Bonds to Daunte Culpepper to Alfonso Soriano and the National Football League, professional and college sports are not having their finest day.

Truth: Barry Bonds should have all his records stricken from the books and be banned from baseball.

Too harsh? I think not. When you're a superstar, a lot comes with the fame, the money and the records. Part of that is responsibility to yourself, the fans and the game. Bonds' lying and using steroids is deplorable and unforgivable. The last person to be banned from baseball for life was Pete Rose, accused of betting on the game. While that action is heinous, it does not compare to the use of drugs and blatant, under oath lying that Bonds committed.

He knows how far his word goes, and how much he is respected in the baseball community. Taking advantage of the people who believed in him and made him is reason to ban him from the game.

Truth: Wednesday's loss by the United States to Canada is a blessing in disguise for the Americans in the World Baseball Classic.

I know, everyone's flipping out that the likes of Jason Bay, Justin Morneau and Adam Loewen shut down the bigger names of Dontrelle Willis, Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez.

But, in reality, nothing bad can come out of this. Either the Americans will respond and run the table all the way through San Diego and win it all, or they will get knocked out early and all the U.S. players can return safely to their teams.

The best case is the latter: getting out of the WBC, cutting their losses and moving back to spring training. However, the more likely scenario is that Roger Clemens will no-hit South Africa and the U.S. move on to the next round.

Either way, it took away the air of invincibility that the U.S. seems to have, kind of like the basketball Dream Team two summers ago.

Lie: The NFL and the Players Association agreement will be a black eye for the league.

I really don't see this happening. When you have such strong owners as Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones and Al Davis, they will ensure their league remains the class of professional sports. As much as I would've liked to have seen my Cowboys get free reign to do what they want, a salary cap will preserve the parity that is so desired in the NFL. The thrill of having one game determine a season is exciting to fans and therefore, they'll never turn on this league.

Say what you will about the NFL, but its commissioner is lovable, salaries aren't too exorbitant and the game is loved by all.

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