Police Blotter

Wednesday, April 6

A University vehicle backed into another car in the Osborn parking lot. The rear driver's side door was damaged by the University vehicle, which was not damaged.

A female student heard noise coming from her room. When she entered, an unknown male was inside. He left without any problems, and no items were stolen.

A fire alarm occurred in Hurst Hall due to a malfunction. No smoke or fire were reported.

A female student fainted in the Beeghley chemistry building. When she regained consciousness, she declined medical assistance.

A student threatened staff members and refused to leave the Sports Center after he was told he could not play intramural soccer.

Thursday, April 7

A group of 12 students in Hurst Hall turned over all the chairs and tables in a classroom. Public Safety caught one of the students and cited the individual for vandalism and disorderly conduct.

A fire alarm pull station was activated on the sixth floor of Anderson Hall. There were no signs of smoke or fire.

A staff member had a seizure in Constitutional Hall and was transported to Sibley Hospital.

An Olympus camera valued at $400 was stolen from a residence hall room in Capital Hall.

The dean of students barred a student from campus property in Leonard Hall.

Two non-students were barred from campus for soliciting in Roper Hall.

In Hughes Hall, two pro-Israel fliers were defaced with the words "Nazi" and a swastika drawn in black ink.

A male student was stuck in an elevator on the third floor of McDowell Hall. He was able to free himself before the D.C. Fire Department arrived.

A female student received a phone call from a private number while on the main Quad. The male caller made disparaging remarks and then the call was disconnected. Public Safety currently has no suspects.

Members of an unsanctioned fraternity reportedly attacked a male student. The student was punched in the face, and he stated that he did not know the individuals and did not retaliate.

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