Top ten ways to spice up V-Day


With Valentine's Day just a few days away, many students are probably wondering how to make this year extra special for their sports-fanatic lover. Well, wonder no longer, girls. The Eagle Sports desk has decided to provide you with a list of ways to integrate sports into your Valentine celebration. Take our advice, and we guarantee you more scoring on Saturday night than an average MLS game.

10. A dozen roses are sweet. But a dozen tickets to opening day at Camden Yards are sweeter.

9. Chuck the chocolate, fire up the barbie, tap the keg and enjoy reruns on ESPNClassic.

8. Follow the model of the professional sports organizations and bring an expansion franchise ... into the relationship.

7. Spring for a romantic dinner at the downtown ESPNZone instead of the Cheesecake Factory.

6. Play a little tonsil hockey.

5. Odds are, you're not Anna Kournikova. Let's face it, you're probably not even Martina Navratilova. Just let him watch women's tennis in peace, and don't question him on exactly what he's staring at.

4. For the Red Sox fan in your life: A ring, finally. Failing that, an Aaron Boone jersey and a blowtorch should suffice.

3. Forget the walk on the beach and strap on the sneakers, it's time to settle your ongoing argument with a friendly game of hoops.

2. A Valentine's Day picnic is only acceptable if it's on the 50-yard line at FedEx Field.

1. Lance Armstrong overcame cancer and kept going. The least you could do is not use the old "headache" excuse.

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