Top ten new names for Bender


The Ward Circle Building may be getting a new name as part of the Capital Campaign, should a donor write a hefty check. But what if a benefactor dug deep enough into the pockets to outdo John and Sondra Bender and slap a new name on Bender Arena? This week's Top 10 offers suggestions to that potential generous somebody.

10. Bender Arena, but in reference to Jonathan Bender from "The Breakfast Club."

9. The Gary Williams Center, because in case you didn't know, the current Maryland Men's Basketball coach got his start here.

8. The Eagle Forum, because the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times slapped its name on the former Ice Palace in Tampa.

7. The Washington Arena, not after our nation's greatest leader, but after Kermit Washington, the once acclaimed AU player, now the exiled stepchild of the NBA.

6. The Center, because of the lust for shameless self-promotion.

5. The e-Follett Center, because running the bookstore just isn't enough for them.

4. Bender Indoor Stadium, because the only thing separating AU's basketball prowess from that of national power Duke is the name of its gym.

3. The Human Resources Department Annex, after the shed attached to Bender now known as the Sports Center Annex stages a coup.

2. The Mikhail S. Gorbachev Center, as testament to how the former Soviet president drew one of the largest crowds in the building's history.

1. Ward 2, just to trick students into coming to a basketball game.

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