Top 10 types of Bender fans


Friday is Phil Bender at the basketball games versus Holy Cross, meaning that every type of fan will emerge from the woodwork.

10. Anthem singers: As long as somebody sings the national anthem, a certain contingent of fans is guaranteed to show. Let's hope for Carolyn Vo to sing it Friday, since the Field Hockey team is sure to be in tow.

9. Visiting Women's team: In every game, the warmup-clad visiting women's team comes out to support its male counterpart. Unfortunately, it sometimes can be more outspoken than AU fans.

8. Tom George: The fast-talking, slick-dealing sports agent-turned-former athletics director has appeared at a few games this year, so why not Phil Bender? He may have left abruptly last summer after only two years at AU, but apparently he still can't get enough Eagles basketball.

7. AU Sports teams: The rowdiness factor from these fans varies by team, but the Cross Country team takes the cake. The dozen members who came to the Lafayette game were doused in blue body paint, and the noise they provided made it one of the best crowds in recent memory.

6. Fraternities: Sometimes one of these fans reveals his ... less-than-masculine unmentionables while in the bleachers when the opposing team is at the foul line. Their antics are much needed to create a hostile atmosphere for road teams in Bender, as long as they put in a full 40 minutes.

5. Visiting fans: Since this is Holy Cross, odds are its fans will take a "holier than thou" attitude once again by demanding those in the AU student section to sit down. Give me a break - the Crusaders' three-year NCAA Tournament run wasn't spurred by a tame home crowd.

4. Diehard alumni: Listen to these guys and you'd think you're at a Maryland game. They are more critical and mutter more profanities during the game than men's head coach Jeff Jones ever could. The good plays are always good, but the bad plays are always horrible. At least they support their alma mater.

3. Pep band: Hats off for this bunch, which appears at a number of events for all teams during the year. Although Men's Basketball's chances at the NCAA Tournament might be on the ropes, it's the opposite case for the band, which has already learned the CBS March Madness theme.

2. The Screaming Eagles: Ah, the always-reliable core of fans. AU students must have some aversion to wearing T-shirts with school colors and standing in a group, because they aren't even a dozen people in this group. This is strange, considering the organization is trying to emulate the typical student spirit that most other schools have.

1. Average Student: Yes, don't even bother to take your jacket off, and please, look as ready to leave as possible. And also, come and go as you please, every basketball game should be treated as an open house. Stop this habit. Students of AU, take off your jackets and stay (and stand) awhile!

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