Police Blotter

Friday, Feb. 6

A hospital transport was needed from Nebraska Hall.

Public Safety reported a violation of the University Alcohol Policy when a resident of Capital Hall on Tenley Campus sent a friend to Tenley Mini Market to buy alcohol. The friend was caught returning with the alcohol.

Damage to a vehicle was reported in Centennial Garage when a car was hit slightly denting the bumper. No note was left.

Saturday, Feb. 7

A hospital transport was needed from Anderson Hall.

A hospital transport was needed from McDowell Hall.

A passport was lost off campus and reported to Public Safety in Congressional Hall on Tenley Campus.

Public Safety responded to a report of an underage person drinking in the Women's Soccer locker room in Bender Arena. It found four people in the main room with an open half-gallon of Bacardi Rum, which was claimed by three of the individuals. Upon further search, seven people were found hiding in the showers and restroom stalls.

Medical assistance or transport was refused inside Mary Graydon Center.

Sunday, Feb. 8

An access problem was reported in Letts Hall when a dorm room's door would not open for students. The students then crawled through the ceiling to leave the room.

Monday, Feb. 9

A tractor, described as a front-end loader, ran into a stair rail by the Osborn Building. The rail was bent making it unstable.

Disorderly Conduct was reported in Bender Arena during a high school basketball game. A Public Safety officer noticed an argument in front of the concession stand. An individual was angry because he was told that he could not re-enter the Arena after leaving. The officer tried to calm him down, until the Metropolitan Police Department arrived. After repeated attempts to calm the man, including contacting his parents, he was arrested by MPD.

Tuesday, Feb. 10

Theft was reported in Ward Circle Building as a laptop was missing from a room.

Medical assistance was needed in Letts Hall. No transport was necessary. A coat was left on a table in Bender Arena and reported stolen after it disappeared.

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