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Top 10 Resolutions for AU Sports in 2004

2003 was a solid year for AU sports. However, 2004 promises to be better. As the new year rolls around, it's time for some resolutions.

10. Build on this year's disappointing Men's Soccer season and return to prominence behind a young team led by head coach Todd West.

9. Take more chances on young coaches like Women's Lacrosse head coach Ashley Flanigan, who appears to be doing all the right things in her first few months on the job.

8. Keep recruiting great talent for the wrestling squad and make this the first of many successful years.

7. Develop a serious D.C. rivalry with Georgetown and George Washington University, creating some of the most heavily anticipated games in the history of AU.

6. Finally break through on the national scene and become an ESPN staple.

5. Rally around new Athletic Director Joni Comstock, who has brought life to a program that has a chance to be a Patriot League dynasty.

4. Improve upon the four PL titles we won and make it a priority to win at least five.

3. The swimmers must move past the disappointment of losing their scholarships and become a force in a year when they are expected to have great success.

2. Both Men's and Women's Basketball need to produce a dual-PL championship, and bring in the revenue and spirit that an NCAA Tournament appearance would warrant.

1. Fill Bender Arena on a regular basis. Absolutely no excuses for a lack of excitement this year.

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