Police Blotter

Monday, Nov. 24 Theft of student, staff or faculty property was reported as a person's change was stolen in the Ward Circle Building. The trash bin at the loading dock of the Sports Center was damaged in a traffic accident when a truck hit it. No injuries were reported. A hospital transport was needed from McDowell Hall.

Tuesday, Nov. 25 A hospital transport was needed from Anderson Hall.

Wednesday, Nov. 26 - Sunday, Nov. 30 Public Safety reported no incidents on campus.

Monday, Dec. 1 Three students were stuck in an elevator in Hughes Hall for 15 minutes. The elevator was stuck between the second and third floors. Two students were stuck in the Centennial Hall elevator on the first floor for at least half an hour. Public Safety was unable to open the door to the elevator and the D.C. Fire Department was called in to assist.

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