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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It's as if Eagle columnists Emily Jacobs and Allison Weil are actually pennames for horny twenty-year-old fraternity brothers.ÿ 'With the winter season around the corner, girls should consider moisturizing daily to keep males' sexual endeavors concrete'.ÿ This line from the Sex and Sexuality column on Thursday October 16th is just one of many examples of hetero-patriarchal and completely ridiculous 'advice' that only applies to a small number of students on this campus.

For the students who are abstaining from sex, either by circumstance or by conviction, this article plays on the insecurities of those not getting any by making it seem like the mainstream.ÿÿ It's simply ridiculous to talk about having sex in Ward 1 like its something on everybody's agenda. I can only wonder who takes this seriously.ÿ And I can only wonder who takes the advice of two women who have resorted to talk about body hair and lube like it's breaking news.

I think we need to talk less about courting a sexual partner, less about moisturizing to attract males who hang out in the LA quad, and more about the benefits of a healthy sexual relationship for both partners. I couldn't care less about the effects of morning breath on your one-night fling.ÿ Also, I'm not willing to accept that sex is either a casual and meaningless act or limited to heterosexuals.ÿ ÿÿ

We should have more dialogue about sex on this campus.ÿ But this is no exploration into sex or relationships represented in the eagle's commentary lately, only fluffy disempowering gossip. People are having a lot of sex.ÿ But I didn't come to college to learn about the shallow sexual adventures of a few people.ÿ And I certainly didn't expect to read it in our school's newspaper.

Kat Shiffler Sophomore School of International Service

Dear Editor,

I worked at the main campus, and I always enjoyed the beautiful landscape.

I went there the first week of October and i was so impressed by the beauty of the plants and flowers.

I want to congratulate those involved in the landscaping. I am sure the students appreciate such a beautiful environment.

Patricia Lyon Controller's Office Brandywine Office

Dear Editor,

The "No War in Iraq" poster Josh Kraushaar referenced in his Monday commentary on the progress of the newest phase in the USA's 12-year war on Iraqi citizens ("Social justice for Iraqis") is not a remnant of anything.

It is part of a continued manifestation in this country and on this campus of our unwillingness as Americans and conscientious students to not accept the unceasing brutality of the Bush regime's foreign policy and, more recently, AU's endorsement of said policy (see The poster is housed in the office of the Community Action & Social Justice Coalition, which is composed of over a dozen progressive clubs and campus organizations. The anti-war activities that have taken place in the last two months on campus are largely a result of the coordination of this Coalition and its previous incarnation, the CASJ office; Chaplain Joe Eldridge has not been involved in organizing any "politically charged protests," nor is the placement of any posters of his design. AU students have opposed this war and participated in anti-war activities for at least a year, since the first large anti-war convergence on Washington last October. Planning is underway to continue this participation in other ways, including, but certainly not limited to the upcoming large-scale demonstration on Oct. 25. For more information on aspects of the campus anti-war effort or the Coalition itself I encourage students to inquire to

Andrew Willis Junior CASJ Coalition Volunteer Co-Facilitator

Dear Editor,

A recent article (Boxed Wine vs. Cheap Beer, Oct. 9, 2003) contained a list of numbers describing the sales and consumption of beer and wine in the U.S. These numbers were features in the context of an article which extolled the virtues of a cheap drunk and made light of concomitant behaviors such as going to TDR drunk, violating the Student Conduct Code, and entering Sibley hospital for a stomach pumping.

The more relevant numbers for this list are from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. In a task force report released last spring, the NIAAA reported that heavy drinking among college students has emerged as a major public health problem.

Approximately 1,400 college students die in the U.S. each year in drinking-related accidents and another 500,000 are injured. More than 600,000 are physically assaulted each year by those who have been drinking, and more than 70,000 are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape. On our own campus, 35 students were transported to the hospital last year for alcohol overdose; nine have already been transported this year. Any one of these students could have died.

Oct. 20 through Oct. 25 is National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week with a full schedule of events planned. In particular, come hear Bill Ross on Thursday, Oct. 23 at 8:30 p.m. in Bender Arena. This talented entertainer will present a very different view of alcohol use than the one portrayed in the article of Oct. 9. Promoting self-destructive and dangerous behaviors as this article did is never OK.

Faith Leonard Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

Dear Editor,

Jesse Epstein has bashed Screaming Eagles in back to back columns, saying we are "almost defunct" and that we have recently collapsed and that some people are refusing to attend sporting events now. Perhaps he should have read his own newspaper, as just a few weeks ago The Eagle covered the resurrection of Screaming Eagles as a student-run club. Instead of saying that Screaming Eagles is dead, we would greatly appreciate if he would encourage people to join. He, as well as all others, are welcome, as we need students to help show their support of AU athletics. Whether hardcore, all-sport fanatics or simply passive basketball fans, we would love to have all types of people join. Please contact me if you are interested in helping reverse the trend of apathy and the misconception that no one here cares about sports by joining Screaming Eagles.

Stephen Tucker President Screaming Eagles

Section 202 host Gabrielle and friends go over some sports that aren’t in the sports media spotlight often, and review some sports based on their difficulty to play. 

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