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Men's Club Ultimate Frisbee splits first two against D.C. rivals

The Men's Club Frisbee team began the season playing two hated cross-town rivals. First up was Georgetown, whom AU dismantled 15-8. Next came the cross-town rivals from Foggy Bottom, George Washington, who edged out AU for a 13-11 victory at the Fort Belwar Tournament.

Nevertheless, despite the narrow loss, manager Loren Morales is generally confident with what he's seen so far, saying that the team is "much more athletic than last year."

Morales attributed this year's improved athletic prowess to freshmen players who show future potential and to the four speedy international players on the team.

What can the team improve? Throwing for one. In Ultimate Frisbee, players rarely throw the most common way, using their arms to throw vertically across their body.

Instead, Ultimate Frisbee players throw by putting their thumb on the inside of the Frisbee and using their wrists to fling the Frisbee forward. According to Morales, this has been a little hard to master for some freshmen.

"They'll probably be throwing well by the end of March," Morales said. All things considered though, Morales said he expects the team to have a very good year.

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