Eagle Nights sumo-sized for new year

New director brings new weight to program

The weekly phenomenon known as Eagle Nights resumed yesterday in the Tavern with a fun-filled schedule of themed events planned, according to Eagle Nights Director Kyle Taylor. ÿ

Eagle Nights will still retain its wacky flair, said Taylor, who took over for recent graduate Joshua "Shwa" Losben.ÿ

"The idea of Eagle Nights isn't going to change, we just want to mix up the events a little," Taylor said.

This year Eagle Nights will consist of both returning favorites from last year, such as karaoke, and new events such as last night's Sumo Night, where students were given the opportunity to dress in "sumo suits" and wrestle like the pros.

The first Eagle Night of the school year was met with a hearty turnout. Despite the downpour, about 100 students attended a comedy show featuring comedians T-Rex and Shawn Jokes.

Taylor has another comedy night planned for Sept. 10, followed by a Battle of the Bands on Sept. 17. "Dodge Ball battle of the classes" is scheduled for Sept. 24. ÿ

Also planned is "Stix, Stix, Styx Night," which will consist of Mozzarella sticks, games of pick-up sticks and background music by Styx.

In addition, on "Turkey Bowling" Night students will grab Butterball turkeys and roll them at two-liter sodas bottles.

Eagle Nights will also begin co-sponsoring events this year. The Residence Hall Association, School of Public Affairs and the Student Union Board are a few of the organizations that will be helping the Student Confederation out, Taylor said.

A Drag Show, in association with the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender and Allies Resource Center, is also planned for Oct. 8. All of the Eagle Nights are funded through the SC. Eagle Nights has a budget of $4,000 for 30 Eagle Nights, Taylor said.

The staff also plan to bring in a larger event next semester; in hopes of repeating the record 600 people that came last year to see comedian Dustin Diamond of Saved by the Bell fame.

For more information call Eagle Nights at x3601.

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