Admissions raises the bar

AU's Class of 2007 is smaller, smarter and more diverse than last year's freshman class, according to Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions Anna Seltz.

Though the new class' exact size is unavailable, the smaller size is due, in large part, to a four percent reduction in the acceptance rate, meaning fewer applicants were accepted. Only 59 percent of students who applied to AU were accepted for the Class of 2007 compared to 63 percent admitted for the Class of 2006.

President Benjamin Ladner said the Class of 2007 is "the most talented, highest grade, highest SAT entering class in AU history" at opening Convocation on Aug. 22.

The average GPA of enrolling students is 3.42, up from 3.30 in the fall of 2001 and the average SAT score is 1226, up from 1209 in the fall 2001, according to a statement from Alumni Programs.

This year's class is also more diverse than last year's, according to the statement. The enrolling class is 17 percent minorities, up 3 percent over last year.

Class of 2007 students represent are all 50 states, except Alaska, Mississippi and North Dakota.

International students have come from 34 countries, including Argentina, Kenya, New Zealand and the Ukraine, according to Alumni Programs.

Another characteristic affecting the quality of the incoming freshman class is the fact that applications to AU were up 3.2 percent last year.

"There were a lot more people who applied [to AU] than years before," freshman Mark Hauser from Pittsburgh, Penn. said.

The Admissions Department reduced the acceptance rate. That, combined with a three percent rise in applicants over last year, led to "a rise in the quality of our applicants," said Seltz.

Eagle Staff Writer Joseph Popiolkowski contributed to this report

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