WWF celebrates voter campaign in D.C.

World Champion joins 3,000 to celebrate inauguration

A yearlong campaign to promote youth voting registration sponsored by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) titled "Smackdown Your Vote," culminated in a gala on the eve of the Presidential Inauguration at D.C.'s Club Insomnia.

Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn. joined WWF superstar Kurt Angle and WWF CEO Linda McMahon at the event, sponsored by youthvote2000, Premiere Sports and Entertainment, D.C. NITES, The City Paper, and 99.1 WHFS FM.

Nearly 3,000 area residents attended the club to bask in the glory of government, club-style. Tickets for the evening were $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

Prior to addressing the crowd at midnight, Angle and McMahon made themselves available to The Eagle for a series of interviews. "I think that it's great what we have been able to do, I'm real happy with the results," Angle, the WWF Champion of the World, said. "I mean, nearly 150,000 young people registered to vote at our Web site alone, that doesn't even account for those we indirectly affected."

Although voting machines are 95 percent accurate, it is important to strive for a higher percent of accuracy, Angle said.

"Voting should be uniform with the same machines at the local state and national level," McMahon said. "If they can't afford it or can't get better, then federal money should be appropriated for the changes."

The importance of voting, however, could not be overstated, Angle added. "If you don't vote then there isn't a vote to not be counted [and] that percent is much lower than the one that currently exists," Angle said.

He added that this generation of college students "'the country's next leaders'" should strive for "intensity, integrity and intelligence. Those are key." McMahon emphasized the importance of voting by reaffirming that the past election season shows real evidence of the importance of individual voters.

"Voting is the only way our government has a way to change," McMahon said.

In response to the large numbers of voters who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the election's turnout, McMahon, an avid Bush supporter, said: "What do you mean the people are upset? Do you think anybody in this voted for Gore?"

On the topic of the emergence of a prominent Third Party, McMahon responded that positive change is always needed but "unfortunately the main third party candidate this time was not that person."

"Who knows, maybe it will be someone like Jessie [Ventura of Minnesota) next time around, but no matter what we should always fight for the future"

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