Pearson takes SC spot

Melissa Pearson took office Aug. 15 as the acting Student Confederation comptroller.

SC President Ken Biberaj, a junior in the School of Public Affairs, appointed Pearson to the office after elected Comptroller James Abbott resigned to take a position with Student Activities. Pearson, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, has served as Associate Comptroller for more than a year and also served as the Chairman's appointment to the General Assembly's finance committee in the 1998-1999 school year.

Biberaj chose Pearson based on her past experience and his desire to "secure stability," he said.

The SC comptroller is responsible for administering the SC's annual budget of more than $615,000. The budget is drawn from each undergraduate student's $65 Student Activity Fee.

Pearson said she felt she had learned many of the comptroller's main responsibilities as the appointed Associate Comptroller to Leila Green and James Abbott last year.

Pearson wants to "make sure the department spends money in the students' best interest," she said.

Chad Appel was appointed by Pearson to be Associate Comptroller. Appel, a sophomore in SPA, resigned his post as a class of 2003 General Assembly representative to take on his new position.

Pearson will continue to serve as the acting comptroller until her confirmation vote by the General Assembly on Sept. 9.

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