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Tenley Safeway planning redevelopments

Tenley Safeway planning redevelopments

Safeway is planning extensive redevelopments for its Tenleytown location as part of an initiative to modernize stores nationwide.

The store, located on Davenport Street, NW plans to expand the store’s layout and add a Starbucks coffee bar, a bank and an off-site dry cleaning service, according to Craig Muckle, manager of public affairs and government relations for the Eastern division of Safeway, Inc.

Muckle said there is no set date for when construction will begin or when it will be completed due to controversy among Tenleytown Advisory Neighborhood Commission representatives.

Some members want the new store to be a mix-use facility, meaning a large store with apartment housing attached to it. However, other members only want a larger store with no housing to prevent extensive construction in the area, according to Muckle. The current Safeway store is not a mix-use facility.

“We’re confident people will like the new store,” Muckle said. “But we want to present something the community is happy with.”

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