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Students thank campus staff who worked during Hurricane Sandy

AU students scribbled signatures and phrases along 22- by 28-inch posters, all giving thanks to the University workers who gave their time and energy to help the campus weather through the harsh conditions of Hurricane Sandy.

The AU United Methodist Student Association collected the signatures on the Quad Nov. 6 and 8, then hand-delivered the posters to the Aramark, Public Safety, Housing and Dining, Facilities (2-Fix), Grounds Maintenance, Bon Appétit and Library offices on Nov. 9 as a surprise for the workers.

Ian Urriola, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences who started the project, said he came up with the idea after hearing that students ate at TDR during the superstorm.

“We just wanted to show gratitude for those who came in and made sacrifices to keep AU running during the storm,” Urriola said.

All of the departments were pleased to receive the posters and were thankful for students’ appreciation. The Bon Appétit workers put their poster on the TDR comment board, according to Urriola.

“We were ecstatic over receiving the card,” said Holly Mussatti, assistant director of operations at AU Facilities. “It was very fulfilling to be recognized for our efforts during the storm, and we were very surprised and pleased that the students went out of their way to do this.”

AUUMSA’s worker appreciation project was not the first to be arranged after the Hurricane. AUUMSA president and Letts Hall Resident Assistant Cassie Baker said her residents posted signs on their doors as a tribute to Aramark workers for their assistance during the hurricane.

Baker said AUUMSA has not discussed yet whether the poster project will be continuous, but did mention that “getting together with Student Government in the future to provide a student-wide thank you would be great.”

“I was not expecting Aramark workers to be cleaning bathrooms during the hurricane,” said Zach Robbins, a senior in the School of International Service. “Lo and behold, everything was functional.”

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