'Casa de los Babys' drama of adoption

"Casa de los Babys" is a political and emotional drama that chronicles the story of six American women from different backgrounds and principles, with one thing in common: each has found her way to South America to adopt a baby. The circumstances of their stay create a dynamic that is certain to create competition, questioned confidence, and that thing women are known best for, bonding.

Reaction to smoking ban mixed

The University's "Smoke Free in 2003" ban on cigarette sales and smoking in and around residence halls has caused a mixed reaction on campus. Some students have embraced the smoking ban, while others have not. Still others believe that smoking should be banned from the residence halls, but the Eagle's Nest should still sell cigarettes.

New drug view

The University is re-interpreting its policy regarding illegal drug use on campus and will notify parents after first-time drug use, which is one part of an initiative to hold students accountable for their actions and lower AU's alcohol and drug use among students. In the past, most parents have not been notified until the second alcohol or drug violation, which may correspond with major judicial action resulting in removal from residence halls, suspension or expulsion. Under the new interpretation, which is currently in effect, all illegal drug use will be judged as egregious after the first violation and parents will be notified, Dean of Students Faith Leonard said. The change reflects that drug use carries more serious judicial action than alcohol violations, as it is always considered an illegal substance, while alcohol use is illegal for those under 21.

Cats prowling in D.C.

A show that has run for 18 years on Broadway has a lot to live up to. "CATS," now being performed at the National Theatre, did not disappoint.

Pricey, jazzy entertainment

The piano, bass and drums of the Danilo Perez Trio offered a two set, hour and a half jam session that mesmerized the packed audience at Blues Alley Friday night. This contemporary jazz group added ingenuity and a Latin spice that injected the air with a unique rhythm.

Howard dorms searched

In Carver residence hall a man knocked on the door of Howard University senior Vernon Edmondson. The man came in and asked Edmondson if he were hiding anyone, but did not look around and left when Edmondson said he was not. "It's just because we have a visitation policy," Edmondson said.

Nutrition News

Nutrition News is a weekly column complied and contributed by Professor Anastasia Snelling's Nutrition Class.

Drive-Thru invades D.C.

Not just for teenyboppers Drive-Thru Records is a smart label. It knows that if someone likes one Drive-Thru band, chances are that person will like the label's other bands. This fall, it has gotten even smarter, sending five of its bands out on tour together to conquer the nation on the Drive-Thru Invasion Tour.

Staff Editorial: Tenley campus is part of AU too

After Hurricane Isabel, power was knocked out of many parts of the region, including AU satellite campuses Tenley and Park Bethesda. The power outages led to no electricity for several days, no Internet and the closing of the Tenley dining hall. Now that electricity has returned, we can look back on how we acted during the hurricane.

Campus News Briefs

Campus News Briefs about the Job and Internship Fair, AU Abroad, Generation Dean and Teach for America.

DPA season ranges from Broadway to AU originals

This season the Department of Performing Arts will perform two musicals, "Cabaret" in October and "Kiss Me Kate" in March, as well as the Shakespeare play "Much Ado About Nothing" in February and numerous vocal and instrumental concerts throughout the year in the newly created Greenberg Theater.

Knock First!

Even though the term "sexile" may not be a common expression in everyday conversation, students living in residence halls are familiar with the expression. "I first learned the term 'sexile' when my cousin was a freshman and got thrown out of her room for the night," freshman Nicole Hunter said.

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