Blaster virus infects

On the first day, the computer help desk at AU received hundreds of calls about the Blaster virus, according to the Help Desk Manager Sean Stockburger. The virus was released on Aug. 11. On Aug. 18, students began moving back on campus and began flooding the phones again.

ATV kicks off its new season this Sunday

Remember when ATV, AU's student-run television station on channel 2 and 15, was cool? No? Well, Josh Fine, program director of ATV, promises to change that. "This year, we are going to give students what they want," Fine said. "Comedy, nudity, sex jokes and drug jokes.

Big Brother is watching

War is peace.ÿFreedom is slavery.ÿIgnorance is strength. These slogans are familiar to all who have analyzed George Orwell's "1984." From Orwell's novel has sprung Christopher Gallu's three-act play adaptation, which was presented by the Catalyst Theater Company during the New Play Network's Page to Stage Festival held at the Kennedy Center Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

Eagles finish in close second

AU Men's Soccer finished a respectable but disappointing second place in the D.C. College Cup, routing George Washington 3-0 on Friday before drawing host Georgetown 1-1 on Sunday.

Church welcomes GLBT

The Metropolitan Community Church of Washington is sponsoring a weekend of community activities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students who are looking for God or just an accepting group of peers.

SIS: More students than seats

Graduate students in the School of International Service are being forced to sit a little closer in class this year to create enough room for the increase of graduate students accepted to the school. Approximately 410 students were accepted to the SIS gradate program, a dramatic increase from a few years ago.

Students manage, mingle at Davenport

As one of three supervisors at Davenport, a coffee and study lounge in the School of International Service building, sophomore Michelle Norris works 10 to 15 hours each week stocking shelves with gourmet coffees, doling out biscotti from a big glass jar, and whipping up cappuccinos.

Debate: Judge falters

Corey Parker criticizes Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for his placement of the Ten Commandments in the Alabama State Courthouse in the Thursday Debate.

Honors calls for Cowles

Cardboard boxes, cat decorations and colorful children's artwork greet visitors to the office of Maria Green Cowles, the new associate director of the University Honors Program. Cowles replaces John Shosky in the position.

Admissions raises the bar

AU's Class of 2007 is smaller, smarter and more diverse than last year's freshman class, according to Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions Anna Seltz.

Wireless service expands

A year after the implementation of a campus-wide wireless network, there has been major improvements in reception though students are still frustrated by the network's inconsistency.

Spade shines as child-star

"This is nucking futs!" said Dickie Roberts (David Spade) in his famous line from his child-star days on the sitcom "The Glimmer Gang." Those were the days when his mother (Doris Roberts), loved and paid attention to him. However, his mother left when the show was cancelled after six years and poor Dickie had to fend for himself.

A water-free way to pee

In the men's rooms of the Ward Circle Building and Mary Graydon Center, the skeletal remains of once-flowing water pipes suggest the need for an "out of order" sign. Curious students approach these water-free urinals with skepticism.

Students seek tech help

It's 12:45 p.m. on the main floor of the Mary Graydon Center and a swarm of students scramble in every direction to make their next class or munch on the last bite of a bagel. One might not notice Terry Fernandez, director of customer services and support, sitting patiently at the e-operations help table.