Police Blotter

Each edition, The Eagle prints a report of crimes on campus, as recorded by the Department of Public Safety.

Burglary, crime rates fall on AU campuses

Crime has dropped across the board at AU, according to the Department of Public Safety's Annual Security report, released Sept. 24. "Certainly we're thrilled about it," said Colleen Carson, director of Public Safety. "[The drop] has been a trend for us as long as we've been doing the report, and certainly as long as I've been here.

Sex and Sensibility

"So what's with stealing my panties?" I thought as I discovered more and more of my belongings tucked away in her room. An ex-roommate of mine had some problems and often acted psychotic. If I wasn't home by 10 p.m. she would call around looking for me, and if anybody called she would tell them that I had dropped out of school, just so she could keep tabs.

Limbaugh rushes into rash analysis, misjudges McNabb

Columnist Adam Montgomery reflects on on the Sept. 28 broadcast of ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown, where Rush Limbaugh let Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb know how it felt to be Jackie Robinson during his first years in the white Major Leagues.

Manliness comes in a can, not a box

Ah, cheap beer: The drink of champions and the breakfast of alcoholics. These noxious, carbonated beverages have been there for me when my bank account and self-esteem were running low. It has been the catalyst for innumerable power hours, misconceived hookups and reckless sprints to the bathroom.

Flecktones brings eclectic mix to D.C.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones members have had the world of music critics and fans in the palm of their hands since the group's inception in 1990. Known for its eclectic fusion of jazz, bluegrass, R&B, folk and world music, The Flecktones has never been nailed down to one genre and has toured extensively over the past 13 years, gaining a wide following via word of mouth and critical acclaim.

Follow your 'Instinct' to new album

With hot, sultry gasps, Denali breathes life into the indie music scene, offering an innovative brand of sensual rock. Driven by female vocals and rich, resonant guitars, this band emanates mysterious energy. Denali's new album, "The Instinct," is an exciting follow-up to its first release.

Speed past green lights, get fined

The Metropolitan Police Department is considering the expansion of the automated technology it uses to catch drivers who break the law. MPD spokesman Kevin Morison said the department is "exploring the possibility of using the red light camera infrastructure to ticket for speeding through a green light. This can be done by adding a certain chip to the cameras that are currently mounted on red lights in the District and can be used to photograph people who run red lights, he said. Morison said that the red-light cameras currently detect vehicle speed, but that this addition would ensure greater accuracy. As of now, the department does not issue tickets for speeding picked up by the red-light cameras, which have been in use since August 1999. The red-light cameras are triggered by sensors embedded in the pavement. If a car passes over the sensors after the light has turned red, a picture is taken, but this does not lead to a ticket. If the car continues to drive through the intersection, another picture is taken, which could then result in a ticket and a fine.

'Casa de los Babys' drama of adoption

"Casa de los Babys" is a political and emotional drama that chronicles the story of six American women from different backgrounds and principles, with one thing in common: each has found her way to South America to adopt a baby. The circumstances of their stay create a dynamic that is certain to create competition, questioned confidence, and that thing women are known best for, bonding.

Helicopter lands at AU

A U.S. Park Police helicopter landed on Reeves Field Thursday afternoon to transport a construction worker to Baltimore's Union Memorial Hospital. "The D.C. Fire Department had an emergency where they had to helicopter a patient immediately to the Baltimore Trauma center," said Colleen Carson, director of AU's Department of Public Safety.

Cigarettes and health: Tips to quit

Media-savvy preventative and educational campaigns such as Truth try to raise important questions about tobacco use, especially among college-aged smokers. Specifically, why is smoking so addictive, what is its appeal and how can people quit?

Walk helps AIDS clinic

Those taking part in Saturday's AIDS Walk Washington will benefit an organization that works extensively for the health of those with AIDS and HIV, as well as D.C.'s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.