Cast delivers sexy, strong 'Cabaret'

As the lights go down and the audience hushes, the dazzling lights of the word "CABARET" illuminate the stage as the backdrop. The Department of Performing Arts' production of "Cabaret" is not to be missed.

Field Hockey streak ends at 10

The AU Field Hockey team split its back-to-back road games this weekend, defeating Holy Cross on Saturday falling to Boston University on Sunday. The team shut out Holy Cross, 3-0, as it won its fourth straight Patriot League game and improved its record to 11-1 overall.

Elefant chooses music

Fronted by Garcia, who far and away has the award for most charismatic and alluring front man in the scene - tall, dark, handsome and sporting an Antonio Banderas accent - Elefant is set on a sojourn and not just a tour.

Curse haunts the MLB

Only five outs stood between the Boston Red Sox and the World Series on Thursday night and most Red Sox fans were convinced the curse had been broken. The team had a chance to win their first championship since 1918. Same was the case on Tuesday night, when the Chicago Cubs were five outs away from heading to their first World Series in what seemed like centuries.

Elefant Interview

"I can't artificially supply energy you just have to win. And right now people don't really know us, so you'll see tonight, it starts off very cold...it starts off at one temperature and hopefully just heats up, and by the end of the show I think we've got more fans," Diego Garcia, lead singer of the breaking band Elefant declared with unfailing certainty before going to sound check, and to tell the truth, by the end the room was a lot warmer.

Students cheat off the Internet

According to a recent study of college students and faculty, 44 percent of students consider "cut-and-paste" plagiarism using the Internet a trivial offense, and 38 percent of students have done it. The study, conducted on 23 U.S. college campuses, was organized by Rutgers University management professor Donald McCabe.

It could be worse, you could have ...

The way some students complain about the common cold might give the impression that it's the worst - a torturous disease. They forget they are dealing with one of the easiest and most painless sicknesses. Here are some other "common" diseases and infections that make the common cold look like a walk in the park.

AU stomps Hoyas, 3-1

Everyone on the AU Volleyball team will tell you they are the team to beat in the Patriot League. Judging by the fire of opponents who visit Bender Arena every weekend, AU's rivals seem to agree.

Adam, Steve and Eve

Guest Columnist Eric Jost's reaction to President Bush's repeated expressions of his stance on gay unions and rights in the United States

Downloading software on rise

College students are more frequently downloading commercial software from the Internet and peer-to-peer file sharing programs without paying for the software, according to survey results released last month. The survey, done by industry group Business Software Alliance, found that 23 percent of students had downloaded commercial software.